Thermal conductive pastes

Thermal conductive pastes

Thermally conductive pastes
Here you will find thermal pastes on a silicone-free or silicone-containing basis. The Thermigrease thermal pastes operate in a range from -180 to +1200°C. Our Thermigrease comes in various container sizes, such as cartridges, syringes, blisters, cans and many more. Thermigrease is used in a wide range of industries (medical technology, mechanical engineering, packaging machines, woodworking machines, apparatus engineering and laboratory industry, foundries, plastics).
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Thermal pastes, silicone-free and silicone-containing
Fields of application for thermal paste

Thermal conductive pastes are used in many areas of electronics where fast and efficient heat conduction is important. With our pastes there is no expansion, no bleeding and no migration.

Thermigrease heat-conducting paste is most frequently used for small components such as computer processors or power electronics components.

But also in engine construction for light aircraft as well as in heating devices and Peltier cooling units.

Thermally conductive pastes fill out uneven areas and thus enable better heat transfer from the component to the heat sink.

Typical applications are heat sensitive components where an active or passive cooler is used.

It is used as an assembly aid for electronics, measurement and control technology and for improved heat dissipation of electronic components such as power transistors.

Package sizes for heat transfer pastes

The Thermigrease heat-conducting pastes are supplied in various container sizes.

Application of heat-conducting pastes

For the application of heat-conducting paste, as little as possible and as much as necessary.

The layer thickness should be as small as possible so that the heat-conducting paste completely fills the unevenness between component and cooler, but does not increase the distance between the two bodies.

We also supply a template to measure the layer thickness of the thermal paste.