3D printing - permanent printing...

3D printing - permanent printing plates and films

Printing bed of Pertinax (hard paper), FR4 (GRP), Ultem 1000 (PEI) and polyimide for 3D printing

We offer you a wide range of permanent printing plates made of Pertinax, FR4, Ultem 1000 and polyimide in any dimensions, tailored to your 3D printer.

Pertinax, FR4, PEI, polyimide are suitable for all 3D printers from a wide range of manufacturers, such as  

2PrintBeta, 3D Systems, 3Dator, 3D Gence, 3DMonstr, 3DPlatform, 3ntr, Afinia, AIO Robotics, Airwolf 3D, Aleph Objects, Alfawise, Anet, ARBURG GmbH & Co KG, ATOM, aye aye labs, BSN3D, BeeVeryCreative, Beijing Tiertime Technology,BigRep, bq, Brahma3, Builder 3D, CEL, Cinncinati, Colido, Conrad / Renkforce, Construction Zone, CraftBot, CraftUnique, Creality3D Technologies, Deezmaker, Delta Tower, Deltamaker, Deltaprintr, Desktop Metal, Dremel, Duy Dang, E-crew vis, EVO-tech, Ez3D, Fablicator, fabmaker, Fabru, FABtotum, Flashforge, Formlabs, gCreate, HAGE3D, HM-3D, Hyrel 3D, ICR, INTAMSYS, Kentstrapper, Leapfrog, LMB-Factories, M3D, Magicfirm, Makeit, MakerBot, MakerGear, Maker Tool Works, Mankati, MarkForged, Mbot 3D, Membino, Mimaki, Monoprice, Multec, New Matter, Picaso 3D, Rapide 3D, RepRap Project, RoBo, Roboze, Sharebot, Shinning 3D, Stratasys, Ultimaker, UP, WASP, XYZprinting, Zortrax and many more.

Uncomplicated Printing with many different filaments

The permanent printing materials do not require any post-processing, are very flame-resistant, harmless to health and very durable. Pertinax, FR4, Ultem 1000 and polyimide are ideal for 3D printing of: ABS, PLA, PETG, HIPS, PEEK, PEI/ULTEM, polyamide (nylon) and many other filaments

Pertinax, FR4, Ultem 1000, polyimide - used in many 3D printing processes

Our 3D printing plates made of Pertinax, FR4, Ultem 1000 and polyimide are used in various additive production systems such as extrusion (FDM, FFF, EBM, SL, SLM, SLS, 3DP), jetting (color 3D printing using CJP and MJ) and resin processes (SLA, DLP, LCM, SLT).

Your desired dimensions are not included?

If you can't find the dimension you need specifically for your 3D printer, please contact us. We will be happy to supplement our selection of dimensions and produce your desired cut. In addition, we can also process the surfaces of the materials for you. Our permanent printing plates can be ground on one or both sides, depending on the material, as well as self-adhesive.