PMMA Polymethylmethacrylat-Folien

PMMA film (polymethyl methacrylate) is an enormously UV and weather resistant material. Compared to other transparent films without scratch-resistant coating, PMMA films have a higher surface hardness and rigidity. The addition of polybutyl acrylate (PBA) as an impact modifier makes the films easy to cut and laser process. The films have different levels of UV absorbers.

PMMA films are either absolutely crystal clear or milky white and are available with a high-gloss, smooth, matt or textured surface. The colourless qualities impress with their special light transmission properties and the possibility of diffractive optics. They are highly resistant to weathering and abrasion and are absolutely colourless. White grades achieve excellent light diffusion effects through the use of diffuser beads.

Application of PMMA film

PMMA film is mainly used in the automotive industry and in the manufacture of luminaires. Parts made of PMMA film are used in the fields of design, architecture, mechanical engineering, prototyping and fixture construction or in automotive components such as rear lights.