Polyimide laminate

Polyimide laminate

Polyimide - Laminates

NKN - Laminate made of Nomex polyimide film-Nomex

NKN is a three-layer insulation made of polyimide film with a Nomex® 410 layer on both sides for the highest thermal demands.

As both components, polyimide film and Nomex®, meet the highest temperature requirements, two-layer combinations are also possible as special types.

As polyimide film has a higher price than Nomex, the Nomex® overlay is adapted to achieve different thicknesses and the film thickness is maintained.

Applications of NKN

NKN is used in electric motors with a high degree of utilisation as slot insulation, phase insulation and as a cover slide. Furthermore, NKN can be used in transformers and chokes as core, layer and cover insulation, if a very high temperature resistance with simultaneous mechanical stress is required.

Stamped parts made of NKN

Dr. Dietrich Müller GmbH manufactures stamped parts from NKN in various designs.

Data sheets for NKN

The weights per unit area for the material NKN as well as further technical data can be found in the data sheets for NKN.

Laminate GKG

The flexible laminate GKG consists of a polyimide film coated on both sides with glass fabric.

The polyimide film provides excellent electrical insulation at high temperatures, while the glass fabric offers excellent mechanical strength, resin absorption and thermal shock resistance.

Its properties include its high heat deflection temperature above 200 ° C and its electrical and mechanical properties, the latter being particularly tear-resistant thanks to the mechanical reinforcement of the glass fabric.

The adhesive used has high heat resistance (class 200) and, being fully polymerised, is compatible with all types of resins and varnishes.

Optionally, other combinations of components can be added to this laminate: Polyimide film of 0025, 0050, 0075 and 0125 mm and thicknesses of other glass fabrics.

Stamped parts from GKG

Dr. Dietrich Müller can process the laminate GKG into stamped parts and strips.