Pertinax (Hard paper)

Pertinax (Hard paper)

Pertinax permanent printing plate

Pertinax application areas

Many electrical engineers name Pertinax as their material of choice when it comes to solving insulation tasks. In the field of transformer construction, Pertinax is often used as an air gap. In electrical engineering, Pertinax is used as a material for brush holders. In model making, Pertinax is used to produce retaining plates or similar. In mechanical engineering, Pertinax is used to manufacture adapter plates or base plates. Due to its properties, Pertinax is a versatile material that can be used in a wide variety of fields.

Pertinax machining

Muellerbestellung manufactures a variety of different drawing parts from Pertinax. Pertinax is stamped by us on eccentric presses. 3D parts made of Pertinax are milled on our CNC machining centers. In the model making area Pertinax is machined with normal woodworking machines.

Muellerbestellung as contact for Pertinax parts

When it comes to Pertinax, we are the right contact. You can buy Pertinax in sheets, tubes, rods or machined parts from us.

We carry Pertinax in various thicknesses. In stock we have Pertinax sheets up to a thickness of 50 mm, but Pertinax can also be manufactured in larger thicknesses.