Pertinax - Configuration

Pertinax - Configuration

Individual Pertinax cuts as desired!

The pertinax configurator offers you the possibility to configure individual pertinax cuts according to your wishes.

With the pertinax configurator you can choose from a variety of pertinax thicknesses and determine your very individual pertinax dimensions.

In addition, the Pertinax Configurator offers you the possibility to provide your individual cut-to-size parts with drill holes of different diameters.

Please note that the zero point, regarding the X- and Y-axis, always refers to the lower left corner of the blank.

Furthermore, our tube configurator offers the possibility to configure individual tubes with outer/inner diameter and length.

If you need help with the configuration, we are always available for you!

Pertinax application areas
Many electrical engineers name Pertinax as their material of choice when it comes to solving insulation tasks. In the field of transformer construction, Pertinax is often used as an air gap. In electrical engineering, Pertinax is used as a material for brush holders. In model making, Pertinax is used to produce retaining plates or similar. In mechanical engineering, Pertinax is used to manufacture adapter plates or base plates. Due to its properties, Pertinax is a versatile material that can be used in a wide variety of areas.