Aluminium adhesive tape

Aluminium adhesive tape

Our aluminium adhesive tape



The aluminium adhesive tape has a width of 550 mm and a thickness of 30 µ.

The aluminium adhesive tape is coated on one side with an acrylic adhesive and its cover is made of silicone paper.

The aluminium adhesive tape has an adhesive strength of 3.4 N/cm and an adhesive power of 48h/23°C..

The aluminium adhesive tape has a tearing force of 23 N/cm and an elongation at break of 8%. It easily withstands temperatures from -40°C to +100°C and has excellent UV resistance as well as good weather resistance.

The storage stability is 18°C/55% (RF: 24 months)


Main features:

Length:                                             1000 mm (sold by the meter)

Width:                                               550 mm

Thickness:                                         30µ

Coating:                                            acrylic adhesive (one-sided)

Cover:                                               silicone paper

adhesive strength:                             3,4 N/cm

adhesion:                                          48h/23°C

tearing force:                                     23 N/cm

elongation at break:                           8%.

Temperature resistance:                   -40°C to +100°C

UV-resistance:                                  Excellent

Weather resistance:                          Good

Storage stability:                               18°C/55% (RF: 24 months)

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