Hard Paper Pertinax Cuttings

Hard Paper Pertinax Cuttings

Hard Paper

Hard paper is a fiber composite material on a thermosetting basis. It consists of technical paper soaked in a synthetic resin and pressed in several layers. The resin used is a phenolic resin (PF). The paper webs impregnated with PF are layered and impregnated in several layers. The pressing is done at approx. 150 °C and under high pressure. Hard paper has a good mechanical and electrical strength as well as a very good resistance to weather and moisture.hard paper has a brownish inherent color.

Laminates such as hard paper are formed into semi-finished products, which are then mechanically processed. The best known trade name for hard paper is Pertinax.

Fields of application of hard paper:

Even today, hard paper still has many areas of application. In electrical engineering, it is used for the construction of transformers and electric motors. Also in the field of mechanical construction, hard paper is a popular material.

Processing of hard paper:

Hard paper can be processed with the usual woodworking methods. Extraction systems should be used.